Every Kid has two Guardian Angels: a Good and a Bad one

When each new child arrives in our planet Earth, God gives her or him two gifts. It does not matter where in the world.. Each child receives it automatically and it cannot be refused.

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Those two gifts during all life of this child are in development too. Many times they will be together, other times they will be apart. However, these two gifts can be summoned by the child only by activating their thinking. Whether it’s good or bad.

Which two gifts are these? Each child at birth on our planet receives two guardian angels: one good and one not. And, whether the child wants to or not, these three should always be helping, provoking or interfering with their own development. It will be the strength of this child to decide which side to follow: good or evil.

And God is not concerned with your personal, professional or even emotional choices. What God, the director of this school called life, will do is constantly assess the child’s attitudes to their own choices. From there, the child, adolescent, adult or elderly will reap their fruits.

In this book, the reader will be able to discover how the intuition or intervention of these two guardian angels in life works daily and in real time. The sooner each person understands this, the fewer years of life will be lost.