The Dictionary of Pleasure: All about Foreplay, Sex Positions, Kissing and Erotic Massage

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After interviewed thousands of couple around the world I have many conclusions, however, one of those is very important:

Many couple when divorced they still love each other, the root cause was that they forgot how to maintain the passion.

With that in mind, I since 1986, I have been writing about tools or behavior that singles or couple could improve their relationship.

Since their teenager fase, most of people are prepared to conquer your love (pre sales), but they do not know how to maintain it (after sales).

With this, I hoppe you enjoy and use those tools I selected in this book..

Of course each couple do not neet just “erotic” or “sensuality”, but it is very important..

Other tools will be publish by myself in other books.. For this time.. just relax, talk and touch a lot your love partner.