The Book of all 20 Methodologies to Improve and Profit from Customer Experience and Service: Why, When and How to use Each One – Including Disney Institute, … Insights, NPS, COPC, so on.. (CX Trilogy 3)

In the past, medicine worked like this: a patient looked for a doctor who evaluated him carefully. After the evaluation, the doctor said to the patient: Are you willing to abandon everything that has made you sick so far? Only then do I accept to be your doctor.

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Now, I ask you: Is your company willing to abandon all the bad processes and bad strategies that have given your customers a bad experience?

The big problem is that, in many cases, we look for doctors, pharmacists and software resellers and, what they want most, is to recommend medicines and CRM systems for a temporary cure, or imaginary cure to serve the media or advertising. What’s wrong with that? It is that in the customer service sector, the side effect is worse than acting directly on the cause of the corporate pains that cause the bad experience to customers.
If professionals don’t know how to hire and build a long-term strategy, your suppliers will always want you to come back for new software purchases and more software, and not for a permanent cure.

The objective of this book is to bring the most widely used and effective standards on the market to serious professionals who really want to embrace and offer excellent customer service.
There is no methodology that will solve everything overnight, but the right methodology will help the company to respond quickly and without repression.

As the conclusion, I wrote in this book too a table that help you to identify Why, when and how to use each one of those worldwide methodologies or tools to improve and profit from your customer service.

This book is part of the CRM and Customer Experience Trilogy called CX Trilogy which aims to unite the worldwide community of CX, Customer Service and CRM professionals. I believe that this union would facilitate the contracting of our sector and profession, as well as identifying the best professionals in the market. CX Triology consists of 3 books:

1st) 30 Advices from 30 greatest professionals in crm and customer service in the world

2nd) The Official Dictionary for ERP, CRM, UX, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Analytics, Big Data, Customer Experience, Call Center and Digital Marketing

3rd) The Book of all Methodologies and Tools to Improve and Profit from Customer Experience and Service